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7 Intriguing Self-Storage Applications

Self-storage facilities have been put to some fascinating and novel uses all over the world. We’ll look at a couple of the more uncommon ones. We provide the best storage facilities in cape town.

Circus Outreach, a non-profit organization based in Singapore, holds seminars and performances for “at-risk” young people. The troupe travels from place to place, entertaining young crowds and teaching circus skills to underprivileged children.
A self-storage unit in Singapore’s Toa Payoh district has taken the place of the old-fashioned circus wagon. Anything from unicycles to colorful plastic saucers, clown suits, spinning reels known as diabolos, and balance boards are known as rola-bolas, can be found in the device.

Museums of art

In San Francisco, California, one self-storage company has filled a special niche market by outfitting self-storage units exclusively for use by local artists and musicians.

The same corrugated steel shell as the company’s other storage units is used in the units intended to act as art galleries. They do, however, have walls and lighting that are suitable for showcasing local artwork, as well as skylights and even glass french doors. The organization currently operates four buildings dedicated to providing music and art spaces due to this venture’s success.

Martial arts studio martial arts studio martial arts studio martial arts studio martial arts studio martial arts studio. The hardcore Gods of War MMA (mixed martial arts) gym is housed in a self-storage unit in Reading, England. A studio room, weights, aerobic equipment, and even a 15-foot fighting cage are all included in the space. For the gym’s owners, Philip and Catherine Edge, a self-storage unit was the only financially viable option when it first opened. As the gym’s popularity increased, it was relocated to a larger self-storage facility. The gym now has more than 300 members.

Prosthetic limbs are available at this location.

Limb Care is a charity based in Surrey, England, that assists amputees in obtaining and using prosthetic limbs. Ray Edwards, a quadruple amputee, and Roy Wright, who lost a leg in a supermarket crash, founded the organization. Children often outgrow prosthetic limbs, and adults often need replacements as well. Limb care gathers new prosthetic limbs from rehabilitation facilities throughout the United Kingdom and donates them to a Tanzanian charity for use by anyone who may not afford them. Finding enough room to store the limbs was an initial concern. A nearby self-storage company came to the rescue, providing the organization with a ground-floor storage facility perfect for their needs.

Music school music school

Paul Bowe, a guitarist and music teacher from Stockport, England, started a music academy out of a self-storage facility, which was the only affordable choice at the time. He hired professionals to soundproof the room and upgrade the acoustics and build a recording studio on the property. The academy now has up to 200 students and provides free music lessons to local children from low-income families.

Band rehearsals band rehearsals

Various bands have discovered the advantages of self-storage units for storing musical instruments and, in some cases, for music sessions and gigs all over the world. Breath of Fire, a Hawaiian rock band, saved a lot of money by moving their rehearsal sessions from a costly studio to a storage unit. Seven, a British heavy metal band, performs many days a week in a locked unit at a self-storage facility. It, like other artists, has remarked on the remarkably good acoustics that self-storage units have.

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Wheelchairs are being restored.

Re-Quip, a not-for-profit company based in Southampton, England, painstakingly repairs old or disabled wheelchairs in a steel self-storage facility. For the community, which is entirely made up of disabled volunteers, the lock-up unit is by far the most cost-effective alternative.

XtraSpace is a South African self-storage facility.

In South Africa, it is illegal to operate full-time in a self-storage facility. However, a growing number of companies are realizing the benefits of using self-storage units as distribution hubs for their products and storing off-site data backups and file archives, and spare office equipment and furniture.

Self-storage in South Africa is used for a variety of purposes, including storing valuable wine collections, books, and antiques, as well as bulky sports equipment and household furniture.

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Our self-storage security includes perimeter electric fencing, 24-hour access control, and guarding to ensure that your belongings are safe before you need them. We have the best storage units in Cape Town.


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