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Book My Move organization’s purpose is to provide great service to our customers. Therefore, we strive to treat everyone in our office with the same professional courtesy and respect. Moving generally has many difficulties associated with it and is one of the most stressful activities, so we do everything possible to ease the pain. Every field staff member is well-trained and well-experienced. We have highly motivated our teams. Furniture removal work in both regional and long-distribution.


The trucks in our fleet

All of our vehicles are inspected and maintained regularly for excellent roadworthiness. Every morning before departure, they are tested to see if their air-conditioning is functional, and their mechanical problems are inspected before going out on the road. Now that your vehicle is carried make sure to pack all your belongings properly, so they do not get hurt. A vehicle is provided with a trolley and various equipment. Many of our drivers have a mobile phone dedicated to them. Every truck in the fleet is equipped with a Tracker and is always tracked.

Our clients trust us to deal with both types of furniture removal and delivery. We have years of experience in both, and we take care of getting their furnishings promptly and delivering your things quickly and securely. For short, we are pros. We cater to clients who want to remove all types of furniture, including business and residential parts, from their home and office environments for moving and storage.

Book My Move does everything from a single item removal to whole house moves and everything in between, including furniture and office removal.

We even provide storage services that are safe and secure and protected.

We have secure and high-quality storage units for valuable items and products that can be maintained with our professional service’s assistance. The departments of Move and Storage are all combined under one roof! As far as moving company Johannesburg goes, we are the leaders in South Africa. We are concerned; we provide office and household removal services, furniture transportation, shipping, interstate transportation, and local logistics.


Why should you Choose Book My Move, the Leading Moving Company Johannesburg?

Being a leading moving company, we have gained the trust and admiration of our clients. Every day new removal companies are coming into existence. Then why people are choosing us? Why should you choose us to meet your requirements?

We can be your best bet as we offer:

  • Services by a professional and skilled staff

Our main aim is to provide our clients with the kind of services they are looking for. We know that moving is one of the most distressing situations a person experiences; so, we always strive to put our best efforts into making sure that your new journey starts on a positive note. We have an efficient team of trained and experienced field staff. Our team is driven by dedication and their job roles are their passion. They have expertise in dealing with both local and long-distance moving services. 

We select our staff only based on their field knowledge and experience so that they can help you move to your new place without any difficulties.

  • Advanced equipment

We justify our fame as a trusted moving company in Johannesburg by providing standard services. Using advanced equipment helps us to ensure the safety of the packaged products we need to move. All our vehicles carry blankets to save the furniture and other items from damages. These vehicles also carry trolleys and tools.

We provide our drivers with a cell phone so that they can contact us and the clients for any emergency assistance. Moreover, we have installed a tracker in every truck to monitor them 24/7.

  • Safe and secure storage services

Over the years, we have been offering safe and secure storage units where our team will look after your valuable belongings. At Book My Move, you will get moving and storage services under the singles roof. We are the pioneer in the moving industry. With us, your belongings will always be intact and safe. 


What will you get from Book My Move?

  • Our moving services are enriched with some remarkable features; they are:
  • Clean and well-maintained vehicles
  • Competent and experienced removals 
  • Constant monitoring throughout the moving process
  • Packaging and wrapping facilities 
  • Safe moving of furniture, antiques, and artworks
  • Short and long-term storage of furniture
  • Local and long-distance moving services


We are waiting for you

Our records state that we offer a 100% successful and hassle-free move customized to meet your unique requirements. We not only move your goods but also eliminate your stress by designing a smoother moving plan. No other company can beat our standard and removal rates.

We keep no stone unturned to ensure the safety of our client’s belongings. Our staff follows a holistic approach to strengthen safety. For many relocation processes, we have evaluated, predicted, conducted, and obtained constructive feedback. That is why our clients admire us as the trusted and reasonable moving company Johannesburg. We ensure the protection of your items by reaching your precious items to you in the right way by our skilled staff. We also detect if there are any possible problems before they take place. We are committed to giving all our customers the utmost value by making the entire moving process with the help of a well-structured process.

No matter what the volume or destination is, every step of the domestic removal process will be dealt by our expert team. We will use our high-quality packaging materials carefully with your household products and load them into our clean and regularly maintained trucks. All exposed areas, including doors, route walls, stairs, and lifts will be checked before departure from the old place and arrival at the destination. 

We have equipped our vehicles with the right tools and devices that we may need to disassemble the furniture and carry heavy items. During the packing process, we ensure that every room is checked effectively. 

Want to try services offered by the best moving company in Johannesburg? We are only a call away!

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