Car Transport Durban to Johannesburg

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Getting a car transported from Durban to Johannesburg

If you’re unsure, contact one of our members, and Book My Move points you in the right direction based on your specific requirements.

1. Get a Quote Online

To get an estimate of the costs, fill out an online quote form. The car shipping company will contact you via email or phone. You’ll be able to compare rates with other shipping companies from there. Always keep in mind that less expensive does not always imply superior quality. We provide the best car transport from Durban to Johannesburg.

2. Put it on, take it off

Choose if you want a roll-on/roll-off shipment. When someone takes your car from the point of delivery to its final destination, this is known as RORO. Compared to the RORO process, shipping containers will cost thousands of rands.

3. Get in your car and drive to the shipping place.

Drive the car to the shipping spot, such as Durban, and deliver it directly to the shipping or courier company. Pay the agreed-upon sum to the shipping business. Wait for delivery confirmation before picking up your car or sending someone you can trust to do so.
Care to remove all valuables from your vehicle before handing them over to the car carrier. Remember to shop around with a few different companies to find the best price.

Be wary of con artists.

Scams and businesses with extremely low rates should be avoided. If you go for the cheapest option, your car will be in unprofessional hands. We are a South African car transport business, but we are also brokers who can point you in the right direction.

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What you’ll need
  • Reputable company (we can help with that)
  • Address of the distribution location
  • Info on the port of destination for the shipment

So, if you’re moving a car from Durban to Johannesburg, give us a call. Our transport division has a completely dedicated team to ensure that your vehicle’s transportation is as easy as possible for you, whether you are relocating to a new area, have bought a vehicle at auction, or are a student leaving home to go and study in a different city. You can get the best vehicle transport from Durban to Johannesburg with us.

Vehicle Transportation on a National Scale

Our transport division mainly operates in the Northern Cape, Durban, Gauteng, and Cape Town, with our depot and head office in Parow, Cape Town. Also, we provide a variety of nationwide transportation solutions to meet your specific needs.

South Africa’s Low-Cost Car Transport Services

We take pride in providing a personal and professional transport service for your vehicle while also aiming to be one of South Africa’s most cost-effective car transport companies. Furthermore, we do not agree that high-quality facilities must be costly. As a result, we strive to be as cost-effective as possible while never compromising our service quality.

Our Car Transport Service is All-Inclusive.

When we transport your car, we include the following at no extra charge for your peace of mind:

  • Insurance for Goods in Transit
  • Our entire fleet is tracked and monitored by satellite 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • At the time of pick-up and delivery, your car will be thoroughly inspected.
  • Both of our drivers are licensed and have received the highest training level to ensure that your vehicle is safe during the journey.

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