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Book My Move is charmed to introduce ourselves as one of the most reputable Moving Company in the industry serving South Africa Wide.

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    We are considered as one of the most reputable moving companies in and around Johannesburg. Consider us if you require a dependable packer and mover. The business is well-known for providing excellent service at a low cost. Our motto is client satisfaction. We help with your furniture removals, and you can trust us for any long distance moving.

    We are a professional moving company in South Africa that offers the best storage units shifting packages. If you need any type of relocation service anywhere then just contact us, we won’t disappoint you.

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    Moving Company South Africa

    As a professional and experienced packer, Book My Move is here to help you move your valuable and priceless household goods to your new location on time. We transport your belongings to their final destination using various carrier vehicles. Consider us if you require a dependable packer and mover. The business is well-known for providing excellent service at a low cost. Our motto is client satisfaction. Services we offer are House moving, Furniture removals, Long distance moving, Vehicle transport, Packers and Movers, Storage units, etc.

    If you need any type of relocation service anywhere then just contact us, we won’t disappoint you.

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      You want your things treated with the same care you would take when you entrust your private belongings to a removal company. That is why so many individuals, and businesses, prefer Moving Company South Africa. You will get the individual attention you would expect from a small business with over 90 years of moving and packing experience, a large network of branches and highly qualified workers, while enjoying all the advantages of the largest independent storage company and movers in South Africa. If it’s a small flat or a big household being moved to anywhere in South Africa, the best step in regards to moving you’ll ever make is to hire movers from Book My Move.

      Professional Moving Services South Africa

      • Relocation Process: Our mandate is to change the idea that travelling must be viewed as a traumatic activity. Make moving the exciting experience that should be with preparation, planning and an experienced moving business. Here is a fast guide to the planning steps for your move:
      • Pre Move Survey: You will get an immediate answer and have the following options by completing our online get-a-quote form:
      • An In-Home Visit Order
      • Uploading an Inventory
      • Typing a list of your things (for small consignments)

      We suggest one of our moving companies in South Africa transfer consultants arranging a visit to your house, who will provide you with a free pre-move estimate of non-obligation.

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      Our advisor will obtain a complete understanding of your requirements and will arrange for any particular requirements. He or she will draw up an inventory of your belongings to enable us to measure the amount and the appropriate vehicle to be transported. Alternatively, if you only need to transport a couple of things, you can choose to send a list to us.

      • Scheduling a transfer: In order to follow up on your quote, help you with your booking and answer any additional questions, your movers for hire in South Africa transfer consultant contacts you. One of our operations staff will provide confirmation of moving dates and detailed preparations for your moving process when you have finalised your transfer date and contact information.
      • Leading to Your Shift: Our mission is to make sure that everything progresses as it should and you are satisfied with the service you get. The coordinator of operations is there to make sure we fulfil your needs and answer all your questions during your trip.
      • Loading and Packing: During your moving day, your moving company supervisor will handle the handling of your belongings with utmost care and consideration. It involves:
      • To secure your home and possessions, the use of protective coverings.
      • Boxing and loading your items carefully into the vehicle
      • You may need to arrange for an approved friend or family member to be present during the packing and loading if you are unable to be present during the transfer.
      • Report on Inventory and Condition: A detailed inventory of your goods will be carried out by our Moving Services South Africa internal supervisor, which will also include a summary and a record of any current damage. As he documents the inventory and points out any goods that may require special treatment, it is suggested that you accompany the supervisor. For confirmation of the items loaded and their condition, you will need to sign the inventory. The supervisor will sign the form and give you a copy of your papers.
      • Deliveries: As soon as you have reached your new home, contact your movers in South Africa, this is especially important if you are taking a long distance journey.

      It’s a smart idea to give your movers a floor plan where you would like to unpack your belongings. To mark off the items and their condition when they are being brought in, use the Customer Inventory form. On your form, report any harm and inform your movement coordinator. Any objects that the driver and movers South Africa dismantle will be reassembled to their original state.

      Your coordinator will answer any questions you have after the transfer, and direct you through the process of making an insurance claim for damaged products if necessary.

      • The Invoice: For individual transfers, payment is due a week in advance to ensure that before the moving day, all is in order. If the movers South Africa is arranged by your business or government agency that has an account with us, we will need a copy of the purchasing order confirming the move proposal’s coverage. If your belongings have been stored in storage, you may still need to pay any expenses which might be due.
      • Unwrapping: Your belongings will be unpacked and the packing team will dispose of the packing materials used.

      Why Choose Us as your Moving Company in South Africa?

      Highly Qualified Staff

      One moving company in South Africa comprises of our highly qualified drivers/supervisors will oversee your transfer. In every aspect of packing, handling, loading and discharging your things, every staff member is highly educated. The University of Johannesburg Road Transport Management Diploma and Degree places administrative and organisational workers in charge.

      All-Round Service

      Our movers in South Africa will arrange to transport everything you have, including vehicles, boats, caravans and equipment for the garden and workshop. We will also arrange to take care of your VIP’s (Very Important Pets) in transit to another city or country.

      Save Up To 33%

      You can reduce the cost of your move significantly by travelling mid-month or in other off-peak times. Our prices in off-peak times are up to a third lower than at the end of the month.

      Dedicated Experts for Moving

      Our moving consultants will prepare for your peace of mind when you select the movers from South Africa, by discussing every aspect of your move with you before the move begins. They will tell you exactly what to do, including the variety of services available and what you will pay, and what to expect. There are no expenses that are covered.

      Services Provided by Our South Africa Wide Movers

      Core Services

      International Movers

      With moving companies South Africa, traveling abroad makes the difference with its experience and top-notch customer services. Our experience guarantees that your transfer is a success no matter where you move to, no matter where in the world you come from. Each single step of the way, we will support you and guarantee a stress-free international move. The protection of your products is an absolute priority for us, which is why revolutionary packaging materials and techniques have been created that are unrivalled in the industry. Not only do our boxes protect your papers, they value Planet Earth as well.

      At our services, we are motivated by innovation and continuous satisfaction with customers. Our teams are well-trained from beginning to finish to take care of your belongings, ensuring that the whole process is smooth and enjoyable.

      Domestic Movers

      Every phase of the domestic moving process, no matter the volume or the destination of your transfer, movers for hire in South Africa will be handled by our team of experts. Our advanced packing materials will be carefully packed with all your household products and loaded into our clean and regularly inspected trucks with care.

      All exposed areas, such as doors, route walls, stairs or even lifts, will be secured at departure and destination to ensure that your home is left in pristine condition. We treat your products with maximum care so that you can travel with peace of mind.

      Storage Facilities

      Our safe storage facilities are monitored and well maintained on a regular basis, so you can be sure that your belongings are stored safely in the best conditions. Our customers, both professionals and individuals, in 97 countries have access to a network of 143 storage warehouses.

      Our small movers in South Africa provide quality packing and storage materials based on security, flexibility, confidentiality, and customer loyalty for the best protection of your belongings.

      Our secure storage facilities are fitted with the latest technologies to keep your belongings secured, whether you need to store furniture, fine art, commercial products or technical equipment.

      Vehicle Moving

      For corporate customers and individuals, our company provides door to door vehicle moving services. Whatever the sort, we aim to provide a world class moving vehicle service: utility vans, sedans, hatchback or SUVs, luxury cars, antique motorcycles, caravans, etc.

      As part of a larger household moving service in South Africa, we bear your vehicle or on its own. We are one of the few companies to provide Consolidated Car Delivery, a special and affordable moving vehicle operation. We advise you to choose the most cost-effective and easy method of shipping your car. Our master movers in South Africa can help you to get your car transported with ease through each step of the process.

      Corporate Services

      Office Movers

      We are professionals and one of the best moving companies South Africa Wide, in packing and transferring the properties of your business to your new premises: office furniture, electronic devices, laboratory equipment or factory machinery. The pillars of a good office transfer are proper preparation and planning. To mitigate the loss of productivity for your organisation, our office transfer action plans are carefully drafted.

      We are well aware of your confidentiality needs and can provide all our employees with a statutory confidentiality clause if necessary. Our team is committed to packaging and unpacking the items with the utmost care and attention. All electronic items, such as servers and modem cabinets, are packed in specially built boxes and transported by air suspension.

      Hotel Movers

      Our movers in South Africa offer tailor-made logistics services and solutions for hospitality. We will assist you with each unique requirement of your time-sensitive project, whether you are constructing a new resort, renovating an existing hotel or revamping a restaurant. With vast warehousing facilities all over the world, we have one of the biggest networks.

      We organise all the information from beginning to end to minimise the downtime of your activities when you deal with your clients. Moving Companies in South Africa recognises that your purpose is crucial and that each logistical phase of your hotel transfer should be meticulously handled.

      With care and precision, we pack, transport, transfer, unpack and instal your hotel facility. We’re making sure that your goods are safe and intact. These excellent features makes us one of the best moving companies in South Africa.

      General Cargo Logistics Services

      In most countries where we provide domestic transport services, movers South Africa provides tailor-made logistics services and solutions for general cargo requirements. With 143 locations in more than 97 countries worldwide, since we opened our doors to business over 47 years ago, we have retained the reputation of a global market leader. While also benefiting from the financial solidity and technical resources of a multinational business covering five continents: Europe, Asia, Oceania, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Africa, moving companies South Africa has a hands-on approach.

      To link all operations in real time and proactively control freight movement, Moving companies South Africa benefits from a creative IT solution. We are the ultimate solution to moving challenges.

      Email us today at sales@bookmymove.co.za or call us on 021 592 5970.